How to Grow your audiences in Pakistan

The Internet is flooded with ways that how anyone can make their business online but no one laid stress on the fact that the growth of your business is directly linked to your audience. By knowing your audience you came to know:

  • Who they are
  • What their challenges look like
  • How they benefit from your product or service

 No one ever goes to a website by accident. They either found it through:

  • Google.
  • Through online promotion
  • Or by someone sharing a link. 

That’s why it’s essential to think strategically about how to drive your traffic to your website. With, you have all the tools you need to build an optimized website that will rank highly on Google and attract organic traffic.

Here’s how you can increase your website visitors.

 Step 1 Get Found on google

  • Simply add your website title.
  • 2-3 lines description of your business that can summarize your offerings to your customer on google search.
  • Add a keyword through which people would search for you on google.

 Step 2 Make your social media pages

Whereas creating your website was an essential part of your online success, knowing how to use social media whether it is (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn) to further promote your business is vital.

One important way to grow your targeted audience is to make different social media pages and promote your content there. So if you wanted to hook your audience, follow these steps:

  • Regular feed posts.
  • Posts in groups.
  • Effectively use Hashtags.
  • Facebook and Instagram stories.

 Step 3 Add your website link in the description

Once you have created your Facebook or any other social media page. Start adding useful information that helps your customers to know more about your brand or business. For example:

  • Your website link.
  • A small description that best describes your services or brand.
  • Contact information, so users can have a direct link to connect with you.

 Step 4 Join Facebook Groups

The moment you have made your presence on Facebook, the next essential steps is to:

  • Join different Facebook groups that you think your target audience has an interest in.
  • After joining start sharing your website link everywhere on different groups, other websites, and social media.
  • Google will find your link and add it to the results.
  • This is how you can increase your website visitors.


To sum up it has been seen that the real game in today’s world is all about marketing. It’s not about that you have just set up your business and that’s all. The bigger your brand’s social media presence, the easier it is for you to grow your audience on different networks.

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