How To Manage Your Orders

Having control over your customers and orders is important especially if you’re planning on becoming a successful business with recurring sales. So if you’ve ever sold something online on digital channels such as:

  • social media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • your website 
  • An e-commerce platform

You know exactly what we’re talking about, that is, the stress and fatigue of managing your orders. 

Why is order management so important these days? It helps in:

  • Reviewing how many orders are placed
  • Reviewing how many customers are visiting your online business
  • SMS alerts so you don’t have to be online all the time to review your orders

PK.PAGE brings you a free, user-friendly solution in the form of SimpleCart where you can create a cart on your website, and then users can place orders on your products. You then have the option of contacting, deleting, or marking the order as complete. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Customer clicks on “order now” on your website

Step 2 – Customer enters their details which includes name, phone number and any additional comments regarding the product

Step 3 – That’s it, the order has been successfully placed by the customer. You will also get SMS notification on your phone

Step 4 – Log in to PK.PAGE, over here you can see all the websites you have made and also how many people visited those websites

Step 5 – By clicking on the order section, you can view all the orders your customers have placed on your website. You can contact your customer, delete the order or mark the order as complete. Cart made simple!

In conclusion, instead of hiring another person or spending thousands of rupees on other website builders, there’s a cheaper, practical way of doing it. PK.PAGE is a user-friendly website builder made in Pakistan for Pakistani people. Without any investment, you can also signup and launch your website for free with no hidden or upfront charges. You can think about paying us once you’re satisfied with the service!

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