How To Sell Anything Online In Pakistan

Being a Pakistani, this thought must have crossed your mind at least once in your life which is essentially “how to make money online”. The internet will show you a variety of ideas and opportunities and it is up to you to utilize the idea that resonates with your custom needs and personality. 

So, if you’re someone who has ever thought about something like:

  • How to take my local business online?
  • How to start a new business?
  • How to have a digital presence?
  • How to compete with my competitors?
  • Why are some businesses successful while others aren’t?

Please continue reading because we have something that could interest you!

Here are some ways of selling online, especially in Pakistan:

  • E-commerce platforms like Daraz
  • Selling through Facebook & Instagram
  • Selling through your own website

Whatever your reasons for selling online, all of the methods mentioned above require a huge amount of capital upfront for you to invest without any guarantee of return on investment. So what can we do then?

This is where PK.PAGE comes in! A Pakistani website builder with premium features for 0 Rs. investment

If you want to test our digital market then why not start with Here are some reasons why you should at the very least, give it a try:

  • Pakistani templates with preloaded Pakistani images for you to select, for no additional cost
  • Urdu customer support, so you don’t have to worry about English.  PK.PAGE aims to remove language barriers while giving you access to premium services. So, if you only know Urdu, go ahead because ultimately, hamnay aap ko kaamyab hi karna hay!
  • A SimpleCart function for you to list your products & services and customers can order for it through your website. (More on it after this section)
  • All these features and more for absolutely free

Are you interested? Let us tell you how the SimpleCart function works:

Step 1 – After login on to, go to the edit section and click on cart:

Step 2 – You can choose to add, delete or edit a product details on your SimpleCart:

Step 3 – Once you’re satisfied, select the free plan and launch your website for free. No upfront charges or card details required!

Now let’s move on to how customers will place orders on your website!

Step 1 – Customer clicks on “order now” on your website:

Step 2 – Customer enters their details which includes name, phone number and any additional comments regarding the product:

Step 3 – That’s it, order has been successfully placed by the customer:

Step 4 – By clicking on the order section, you can view all the orders customers have placed on your website. You can contact your customer, delete the order or mark the order as complete. Cart made simple!

So, to sum it all up, you can start a new business or launch your existing business towards success in the digital realm with the help of No upfront investment required other than your time! Just launch your website and you can pay us once you’re successful because hamnay aap ko kaamyab karna hay aur aap ki kaamyabi hamari kaamyabi hay!

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